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So, I had the opportunity to attend my first Akademy this year :). For those who don’t know what Akademy is here is a short description: It is the annual world summit of KDE. It includes a 2 day conference in which contributers present the latest developments regarding KDE, followed by 5 days of workshops and sessions in which intrested people hold discussions regarding various KDE projects.

What probably comes to your mind after reading the word contributers is developers, but that is just part of the story. The kde community is made of way more than that. I met artists, designers, translators and lots of other people as well at Akademy. This years Akademy was held at A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.

As I mentioned this was my first Akademy or for that matter my first international FOSS conference, I was pretty damn excited to go, after attending Akademy I must say that my excitement was justified.

So what is so special about Akademy? There are countless things which make it an amazing experience, at the top of the list is: finally getting to meet the people who were just IRC nicks till now.I finally met my GSoC mentor Vishesh Handa with whom I’ve been working for about a year now. When so many like minded, awesome and dedicated people get together there’s loads of stuff happening everywhere and plenty of new stuff to learn.

The First two days had talks related to various parts of KDE the highlight being the announcement of Plasma Mobile, KDE’s attempt at an open platform for mobile which is capable of running full fledged Qt applications and in the future will run android applications as well.

I gave a lightning talk about my GSoC project which I’ve been working on for the past couple of months.

![Me at my Akademy 2015](/assets/article_images/akademy/me.jpg)

The remaining days were followed by workshops, and diverse BoF’s planning a vision for KDE, VDG sessions to help people improve the design for their applications, Plasma mobile and loads more.

Akademy 2015 was the best week I’ve spent till now. A big thanks to KDE E.v. for sponsoring me :)

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